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Gary Hunter

My passion with electronic music started in 1979 when I first heard Tubeway Army (Gary Numan) playing "Are Friends Electric?" on Top Of The Pops. I had never heard anything quite like it and loved the sound of those new musical instruments called a "Synthesizer"!


I was hooked and wanted to make music like Numan, Foxx, Ultravox and OMD, but had no chance of owning a synth like they were using as they were so expensive so settled on buying a synth called a Marlin Synthtone for £99 which had a whopping 8 presets on it!! I was disappointed as I expected to be able to replicate all those wonderful synth sounds on records released in the early 80's.


In 1989 saw my first serious interest in writing and recording my own brand of electronic music, albeit in my back bedroom in a terraced house I was living in. Along with a friend of mine, Ray Naughton, we wrote and recorded around a dozen or so instrumental synthpop songs, influenced at the time by OMD.


In 1991 I bought my first serious synthesizer, the Korg M1 which I still have today and still use in my projects. In addition I bought a Yamaha RY10 Drum Machine (again I still have this) and ventured in to making music with sequencer software on the Atari ST FM computer (I still have that to!). Little did I know that this was to prove far more difficult than I thought, any way after much head scratching and reading I mastered the art of using music software and sequencers and set about recording a few electronic instrumentals for my Uncle who used them in Video's he was producing, I also decided to re-record most of the material I did with Ray, as the original recordings were made on cassette tape and were in the main "Live" recordings as we hooked up keyboards to a hi-fi and the quality was pretty poor.


Over the years I have added to my hardware set up with the addition of a Roland Juno 6 synth, Roland CM64 sound modules, a Roland TR-626 Drum Machine and a Roland Juno-D synth. Recently I added my first dedicated midi controller keyboard to my set up, the X Board 49 E-MU.


These days I use a powerful PC for my music recording and use Steinbergs Cubase as my main music production software, something I spent 2 years learning!


As well as my Hardware Synth/Drum Machine collection I now work with some excellent virtual synthesizers as well as a large amount of vintage Drum Machines. I also use many software effects programme's to improve the sound of my recordings.


In the last few years I have recorded a number of cover versions of songs originally recorded by the likes of Gary Numan, Yazoo, Ultravox, John Foxx & The Human League but my biggest project was recording a full album of Kraftwerk covers which included covers of,  "Computer World", "The Model", "Neon Lights", Computer Love", The Telephone Call" and "Tour De France", an album I am very proud of, not least for the fact, It is an album which includes, for the first time, my own recorded vocals. (Limited vocals I should add).


Currently I am obviously focusing my efforts on completing the album "The Grey Room" and progress will be posted on here in the news section.

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This is a website created especially to promote the album "The Grey Room" which is an album being recorded by the talented musician Gary Hunter who is from Manchester in the UK.


On this dedicated website you will find demo's of tracks that are to be featured on the album together with exclusive final mixes and bonus remixes.


"The Grey Room" is a recording project that started back in 2008 and is an album that has two key influences, John Foxx (Metamatic album) and Gary Numan's (Replicas & Telekon albums). The album got off the ground when I recorded the song "A Face I Knew" and sent it to a few friends on the Myspace scene, one of those friends was Ian Price who immediately felt it sounded like a John Foxx track. I knew then I wanted to make an album of material that had a "cold" sound like John's album "Metamatic", along the way the influence of Gary Numan has crept in but in the main the album leans heavily to the influence of John Foxx.


The album is being recorded with a selection of software versions of vintage Synthesizers and Drum Machines, including:


Native Instruments Pro 53

Superwave Synth Collection

Vanguard Synthesizer

Rob Papen's Predator

Rob Papen's Albino 3

Novation Bass Station

Roland 808 Drum Macine

Roland 909 Drum Machine

Roland CR78 Drum Machine

Boss DR-550 Drum Machine


I am in the final stages of recording the album and hope to have it available in the first half of 2010.

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